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How to start in the hobby, important aspects for make the difference.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Basically the first thing to get into, in all this. It is to identify the difference, between starter kits or beginner level. But without a doubt, options like AIRFIX are perfect, since they contain everything you need, such as paints, glue, and brushes. However, another alternative is the press-fit Easy Click System kits. Being an excellent alternative for those who start. On the other hand, the paintings and their finishes. They are usually specified, in the facsimile or instructions for the scale model.

Basicamente lo primero para adentrarse, en todo esto. Es identificar la diferencia, entre kits de iniciación o nivel principiante. Pero sin duda alguna, opciones como AIRFIX son perfectas, ya que contienen todo lo necesario, como pinturas, pega, y pincel. Sin embargo, otra alternativa son los kit tipo Easy Click System a presión. Siendo excelente alternativa para quienes comienzan. Por otra parte, las pinturas y sus acabados. Suelen estar especificados, en el facsimil o instructivo del modelo a escala.

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