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About us

Our beginnings had remmenbrance, to the time when i am a child and have the oportunity to know, this fantastic and love work of modelist, of the hands of my father. 

The starting is really hard, because the result no is the better but later with the practice, everything change step by step. I'm discover new technics, and process for give more realism to scale models.  Without apart the essence of put more documentation and enviroment in each project of the scales. 

The human face in the backstage is this passionate car collector; Andrés Rivera, with half time of my life make it scales models. Since 2019 reload the impulses for hobby, for the side of my excellent motivator (my wife). She tell me one day, in a hobby store Andrew starting again to built and give everytime the fantastics creations. 

Them think in my account and image ART, my initials and scales creations. The result of my projects. 

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